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A Safe, Smart & Efficient Car Shopping Service

Case by Case and Personal... with Your Interests Front and Center... and At No Cost To You!

We have access to hundreds and hundreds of top quality, road ready vehicles with no emotional attachment to any of them.   Our loyalty is to you only! Ninja has been arranging financing and sourcing vehicles since 2005.  

Browse our reviews and learn more about the Ninja advantage. With thousands of satisfied customers, and an industry leading record of repeats and referrals, Ninja streamlines the shopping process ensuring our customer get the best value.  Remember... Quality and Price equals Value!

If you don't have an expert brother-in-law, we'd love to apply for the position! And yes...In these times, minimizing contact with people and maximizing value is a good thing....right?

An Efficient Contactless COVID-19 Shopping Solution.

How it Works?

How it Works - 1

Tell us about project. Cash or finance? Type of vehicle?  Your Priorities and Preferences? Budget area or monthly payment range.  Solution by when?

Do you require financing? Lets get started on a pre-approval. Ninja has extensive resources and experience to help get you the best possible finance terms.

We match your vehicle priorities with ideas from out extensive available inventory. Ninja ensures you get a mechanically certified vehicle and best value.


Getting you the right vehicle is easy!

 First, tell us about your project.  We can usually identify five or ten vehicle ideas for your consideration within minutes. We have immediate access to hundreds and hundreds of road-ready vehicles with our trusted industry allies. Often, working with them alone is sufficient, but if required, we can easily source through other means as well. Feel free to add suggestions to the mix for us to consider. 

Why Ninja? We work on a case by case and personal basis, unlike generic sorting systems. With twenty years of car industry experience, Ninja more efficiently sorts through information such as trim levels, Dealer quality and patterns. We offer extensive insights into vehicle personalities, along with their strengths and challenges. Ninja will properly diligence your vehicle choice including market value, history and mechanical state. If you're trading in your vehicle, we can help with that as well.

We've successfully delivered $2,000 and even $80,000 solutions to happy customers. 

As your independent consultant, we bring knowledge, experience, and customer care to the process, complimenting your thoughts and at no extra cost to you.

Free, Qualified, & Safe Advice! Why Not?

Tell us about your CAR PROJECT?

We can help you! Fill out the form and get assistance from our experts.

Let's get you Pre-Approved!

There is a solution for everyone.  Our credit experts have the entire spectrum of lenders, big banks, high risk lenders, and even an in-house program that reports to the credit bureau. 

If you're credit is excellent, your pre-approval positions us to act on the vehicle you select and helps us easily strategize to hit the payment target you wish. If you're credit is less than perfect, your pre-approval may help define the vehicle we qualify for, saving everyone wasted time. A financing pre-approval helps us all shoot more like a rifle than like a shotgun.

As your consultant, Ninja adds caring advice and qualified strategic input with your best interests in mind.

Take a few minutes and let's get started...

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Let's Get You The Right Warranty 

We work with what we feel is the best National Warranty Company, providing our clients the best protection and customer service. 

Why Ninja? With the many potential factors and products, we care enough to help you choose the warranty best tailored to your needs. We then, take the time to make sure you understand your contact properly avoiding future challenges. 

Unparalleled Post Sale Support 

Why Ninja?

Your new "expert brother-in-law" will remain available permanently. We check in a week, a month, and six months later to confirm you are well, and are always there to assist you through any future vehicle related questions or needs. 

We'll be there to help reduce confusion, stress, and costs.

We Make Customers Happy

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Ninja is honourable, knowledgable and effective.

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